Passion & Purpose lead me here..

Here's a little bit about how the SS journey began.

The relationship with Art, Fashion and Crafts is something I grew up being surrounded by  and the "genuinfluencers" were none other than my family of very and many creative talents! A more formal journey into the industry began in 1999 after I graduated from a reputed Fashion Institute in India. 


SourcingStories Ltd, was founded purely out of a personal call to do better from experiences I gathered over 20 years of working in the Fashion Industry. Worked in varied roles and countries, has helped me built a strong foundation in areas of Product Development, Sourcing and Manufacturing. Having also worked in with luxury, designer and high street fashion brands has given me an in - depth knowledge and  experience in Designing, Brand Ideation, Sales & Marketing giving me a well rounded career.  

Working with International markets instilled and taught me to embrace various cultures, forging close Friendships, Collaborations and build long lasting Business Partnerships even through the most challenging times! It has been a road well travelled full of peaks and valleys.... but my passion for this industry only keeps growing!


This has led me to do what I love and know best, conscious fashion business whose foundation is built on pillars of Transparency, Reliability, Accountability and Trust.  



Embarking on a new journey to build a business with a Purpose to Drive Positive Change - the only constant which enables us to collectively evolve towards a more Sustainable Way of Life!